The purest and highest step to open up

Imagine! Wings of light around you, holding you,
caring for you and opens your heart, for you to
see, the best of who you really are. Unlimited!

What if we can attract positive changes for our self and those around us. What if we can take away some of our fears and illusions, open up spiritually and start growing, into a being of pure pure light.

Hi, my name is Abthir.
I've been searching for a way that can help people evolve and grow
in the exact and right direction for each individual and what I found
was an ancient Knowledge called The Board of Knowledge.

The Board helps every individual to grow and expand towards what is best for them and the direction that would lead them further in Spiritual Total Enlightenment. The Board also works individually for everyone, because each person has their own specific purpose and gifts in life.

Even the already Enlightened, like Masters and Archangels, etc., benefit from continuous use of The Board of Knowledge. This amazing knowledge can also open up animals and nature as a group, or individually. Even planets can be opened up to lead them in the right way in their growth.

The Knowledge from The Board of Knowledge is not found in any worldly known books and does not involve reading. Instead, specific Holy Signs are sent by The Giver(Abthir) to the requesting party (You) who then harmonizes with the Sign or signs and moves forward on their spiritual path, no matter what heights/development the person, so far, has reached. Every one of the opening Steps of The Board of Knowledge leads us closer to Enlightenment and harmony with the fullness of Who We Are and within Holy Bliss.

The Board of Knowledge can be given to anyone, without exception. I invite you to the possibility of receiving such Signs. Everyone is divinely guided to their own steps in life as well as growing as a Spiritual Being. The Board of Knowledge can be the most significant choice one might make for their development here on Earth.

There are for the moment 1 way to receive Signs: At-a-Distance. Receiving Signs cost $50. Every individual has different needs - there is no right way or order in which to receive. After the first Session, it is then the persons choice to continue on this amazing journey with more Signs.

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